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Who may apply?

The IEV and the IRP will be affixed only on the World Service Authority passport. Applicants for new passports may include the application for the IEV, and/or the IRP. Applicants for the IEV and/or the IRP who already have the WSA passport must return their WSA passports to a WSA office for their issuance. Postage must be included for the return. (See application form below.)

The International Exit Visa will be placed on the first empty visa page (normally page 8) and the International Residence Permit will be placed on the second empty visa page (normally page 9). Both are in seven languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, Esperanto, French, Russian, and Spanish.


All Heads of State have been informed by letter of the issuance of both the IEV and the IRP. All bearers of the IEV and IRP receive a copy of this letter for handy reference.

The World Service Authority as the issuing agency of the International Exit Visa and the International Residence Permit assumes no reponsiblity for the position of any state or government with regard to recognition of the IEV's or the IRP's validity. The bearer of the WSA passport accepts full responsibility for any and all consequences resulting from its attempted use.

However, should any state deny the validity either of the IEV or the IRP and thus deny any individual from leaving any state or choosing a residence, such denial(s) with all details should be immediately reported to the World Judicial Commission, c/o World Service Authority, 5 Thomas Circle, NW, Washington, D.C. 20005.

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